About Me


    Who the heck is this Ashley chick?


    I started writing when I was old enough to hold a pen. Whenever there were a few moments to spare, if I wasn't reading, I was busy making up stories. 

    I was that kid in school who got excited over writing assignments, silent reading, and book reports. 

    In the seventh grade, the assignment was to write a book, a solid story with a beginning, middle and end. Complete with outline. My outline ended up being close to twenty pages and my story completed at around ninety-five. 

    I got an A on the assignment, and the teacher read it to the class over the next few days. Sitting in that desk watching kids nod off, some smiled, others rolled their eyes at me, I knew then that one day I would be a published author. 

    That summer, I begged my grandparents for a laptop. How I could have been so bold (they were not cheap back then) is beyond me. But, to my surprise, they said yes. 

    I started writing a book that same day, and over the next 20 years, I picked away at it, revised it as I grew older. Lost the saved data, found a paper draft, re-wrote it, gave up. But during the times when I felt I couldnt do it, I still found myself writing. Short stories, plays, stupid poems that made no sense. But, I soon discovered I was happiest with a thought in my heart, the words in my head and the keyboard before me. 

     I never gave up, and my dream is coming true. 

    My debut novel, Lavender Fields, is set for publication summer of 2018 by Curiosity Quills.


    When I'm not in the throws of writing chaos, you know pulling out my hair, swearing and drinking a lot of wine, I enjoy spending time with my amazing family. My husband and son have supported me every step of the way on this crazy journey.

    I spend a lot of time reading my son's short stories, most of which consist of Minecraft Hero Steve adventures. 

    I read, alot, any  genre, any time, any where. I always carry two books, keep a spare in the car and have the Kindle app on all my devices and an actual Kindle, but there is nothing like that new (or old) book smell. Someone needs to bottle that scent.