• Lavender Fields

    Publishing May 15, 2018

    Esther has lost her grip on reality. She suffers from Alzheimer's and often visits her delusional world of Lavender Fields. There, she is young again and full of life, free from aches and pains. In her fields she falls in love with her literal dream man, and a heated romance ensues.   

    Lexi, no longer able to care for her sister, Esther, hides from her guilt behind the inherited family trait, alcoholism. When Esther begins to claim the fields are real, Lexi dives deeper into the bottle, shying away from her husband who needs her, and missing out on the last few moments with the sister who raised her.

    Gemma, Esther's head nurse finds herself stuck between the drunken wrath of Lexi and her ornery patient. When Esther starts rambling about Lavender Fields, babies, kissing men, and claiming pregnancy, Gemma must interpret what parts of the delusion are fantasy, or if it is only a darker side of reality.

    Published by Curiosity Quills


    Praise for Lavender Fileds:

     "I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review of this book. When I began, I thought this was a straight-out Alzheimer's story, and I was impressed with the sensitivity and honesty with which it was treated. The character development was superb -- and I appreciated that there were minimal number of characters, just what was essential. Not once did the characters slip out of the character they were developed to be. From the physical descriptions to the description of what was going on inside them. And then half way through, belief was suspended, in an event which I won't give away so as not to spoil it for readers, and I thought "what is this??" because that just can't happen. Still I kept reading, and then realized that this was something else, something involving miracles and suspended belief. And if someone would have described this to me, I might have said it was too far-fetched and unrealistic. But I could not put it down, and by the end, the question of "how could this be" didn't even matter. It was beautiful. " Karen-Goodreads

     "Having a family member with Alzheimer's is unbearable at times and then when you are unable to take care of that person and need to place them in a facility, it causes feelings of guilt, anger, inadequacy and sorrow. This is clearly depicted in this story.
    Esther is 88 and fluctuates between Lavender Fields and The Land of the Wake.
    The Land of the Wake, which is the present, Esther is confused and agitated as this disease takes hold.
    Lavender Fields hold love,hope and youth, though nobody will ever believe this.
    Esther's mind plays games. and unpleasant memories that have been left in the past as a young girl, begin to now surface, causing delusions that are unbelievable. as she spends increasing amounts of time in the past.
    This novel shows just how horrendous this disease is, not just for the person, but the family, and caregivers as well.
    It's an interesting read. " Laurie-Goodreads


    May 15, 2018 Lavender Fields available to purchase. Pick up your digital copy to enjoy on your e-reading device. Print copies available soon.